Hengli Packing adds another solid achievement! Assisted in the implementation of Want Want Group Wafer cookies automatic

counting into care project.


Hengli Packing adds another solid achievement! Assisted in the implementation of Want Want Group Wafer cookies automatic counting into care project.

Release Date : 2023-03-27

Recently, Hengli Packaging for Want Want Group specially designed research and development of automatic counting in care equipment has been successfully shipped, after a field operation acceptance, professional technology, and the whole process of intimate service of Hengli Packing are very satisfied with customers.

After repeated outbreak closures in previous years and recruitment difficulties after the recent Spring Festival holiday, factories in various industries are increasingly aware of the significant impact of labor turnover on production. Workers’ holidays, personnel training, personnel turnover, high incidence of safety accidents and other unstable factors are intensified, which will cause a certain degree of blow to the development of enterprises. Want Want Group is well aware of the potential risks of over-reliance on labor, so it has been actively seeking the possibility of cooperation with automated packaging equipment manufacturers. The project of automatic counting of wafer cookies with Hengli Packaging is a successful case.

Front section: the necessary two-way choice

As a national snack brand that grows up with the childhood and happiness of most people, Want Want Group contracts almost all kinds of snacks on the market, such as candy, cookies, jelly, drinks… And in the packaging is also constantly seeking new ideas. The high demand for the product means that a large inventory is needed to match the strong and flexible production system. Hengli Packaging helps to automate the packaging and counting of wafers this time, and the crisp taste is loved by consumers. The packaging of wafer biscuits is also very common. The combination of plastic container and outer packaging is convenient for consumers to open the packaging and enjoy the delicious food anytime and anywhere. The product’s packaging design is skewed towards the consumer’s sense of use, which means that the process of production needs to endure more complex packaging processes.

If the packaging production is carried out manually, it will not only be time-consuming and laborious, but also various unstable factors such as workers’ salaries, holidays and labor costs spent on training will affect the overall production schedule. In fact, before this, Want Want Group had sent the independent packaging of jelly to Hengli Packaging consulting related automatic counting into care matters, smooth and fluid trial video to Want Want impressed, also let Hengli Packaging as the industry leader, because of the reliable professional attitude and customized personalized service stand out from a crowd of competitors.

Middle section: pain points and difficult points one by one

First of all, in terms of automatic counting, the shape of this wafer biscuits is square and regular, which can be easily identified under the photoelectric eye scanning equipped with Hengli Packaging automation, without difficulty! However, it should be noted that the wafer itself is fragile and fragile. Even manual picking and packaging may cause damage. If the mechanical equipment is not properly controlled, it is easy to produce the opposite effect. Fortunately, the research and development department of Hengli Packaging first takes this into account, so in the design of the adjustment of elevator blanking transmission amplitude, gentle operation process to ensure the maximum extent of good product materials. In addition, after the whole automatic counting is completed, there will also be a weighing link to ensure the accuracy, eliminate the weight of unqualified products, double guarantee for the packaging quality escort.

Last section: Full cooperation to satisfy customers

In the whole process of cooperation with Want Want Group, Hengli Packaging has been upholding the “think users think, urgent users urgent” service philosophy, response to customer needs positively, and questions raised by customers can also be answered in time. Effective communication and reliable technical support, the excellent performance of the equipment in the trial process, soon passed the acceptance, sent to the factory for production. In this cooperation between Hengli Packaging and Want Want Group, although it is only responsible for the automatic counting and feeding process of Wafers biscuit packaging production line, it can also form a complete packaging production line with the front and back equipment in addition to gentle material handling, flexible counting and recognition, and accurate weighing and removing of waste, and adjust and set parameters using human-machine interaction interface. Facilities in line with food processing industry hygiene standards to ensure the quality and safety of the whole process.

This cooperation with Want Want Group, Hengli Packaging is very happy to make the most of strengths, technology priority, according to the form of product material personalized customization program, drive efficiency innovation, efficient connection between supply and demand, while achieving service is full of temperature. Successfully solved the packaging problems of customers, to meet the packaging needs of customers. I hope to help more enterprises reduce the dependence on manual, so that automated packaging more wonderful, more powerful, more relaxed, more technology.