The packing form of industrial products

Industrial products involve a wide range of styles, categories are also very diverse, just the types and uses of industrial products parts are too numerous to enumerate, in addition, such as common buttons, LEGO toy models, etc. belong to the category of industrial products, hidden in these industrial products behind the target consumer groups are also widely distributed, it can be seen that industrial packaging market hidden unlimited potential. In terms of packaging form, general industrial parts are packaged in a number of small parts and sold directly, which makes packaging relatively simple. However, for products like LEGO that pay attention to packaging, each part of the parts are classified and then packaged in a unified box, which is beautiful in appearance and more convenient in use.

Hengli Packaging has received many inquiries about the packaging requirements of industrial parts. It can be seen that, for manufacturers, the automatic packaging of industrial parts is urgently needed to be solved. The received materials for trial testing, accurate and smooth identification, fast and efficient packaging, the whole process is fast and good.


Counting device detail

Because of the different shapes, sizes and materials of industrial parts, it is difficult to identify them, but it is very handy for constant force packaging with automatic counting as its core technology advantage. First of all, according to the product form of customized solutions, relying on a powerful intelligent production management system, vibration track smooth material processing, photoelectric eye accurate recognition and counting, through the electronic screen to achieve real-time interaction, convenient timely adjustment. Counting equipment can be connected with the front and back packaging process to form a complete packaging production line.


Highlights of equipment packaging

  • Safe and reliable packaging process
  • Flexibility through format diversity and simple format variations
  • Fully automatic packaging, greatly save labor costs



包装 片剂、丸剂





  • 行业要求
  • 技术水平的成熟




  • 自动识别灌装,精准高效,快速便捷
  • 人机交互页面设置,参数一键存储,智能操作,灵活简便
  • 集理瓶、计数灌装、锁盖、封口、贴标等为一体的全流程包装联动生产线
  • 专利技术保障,易于维护、拆卸、清洗,更换部件简单方便