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Welcome the Russian customers came to Nantong Hengli
Welcome the Russian customers came to Nantong Hengli
June 2015, Russian customers ordered a powder filling production line from our company. After two months of production and commissioning, the production line has been successfully completed, and worked smoothly and steadly.
In August 5, 2015, the Russian customers came to Nantong Hengli visit and accept the  equipment. Our sales manager and production manager took them to visit our factory and products, let them know the strength of our company . After the acceptance of equipments, they approved our product's features and quality. They also gave high regards for our staff's work attitude, and the technical ability of Development Department is professional.
Recently, our company's equipment will be exported to Russia, Malaysia and other countries. Some old customers from Hongkong, Singapore and other regions have signed a new order. This not only indicates our strength in this industry, but also shows that Nantong Hengli's international competitive is being strengthened day by day, we will become stronger in the international market.

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