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Warranty period
From the date of installing and debugging equipments, the warranty period begins. Product warranty period of one year (except the quick-wear part), our company will still provide maintenance service with favorable price if your equipments out of the warranty.

If it really need to be solved in your site after we know the problem:
During the warranty period we will provide free doo-to-door services in 24 hours(exclude travel time). We will restore the system to normal or provide emergency tactics as soon as possible. Our technicians will not leave until the problems have been solved.
Out of the warranty period we will also provide doo-to-door services with favorable price in 24 hours(exclude travel time).

Regular visits
To make sure if the equipments are going well, our customer service staff will pay a visit by telephone、 email、 door-to-door regularly. We will analysis first, if it is necessary we can provide the appropriate maintenance recommendations.

The quickest spares support services
Equipments of HengLi Company are self-developed. And we built spare parts storehouse of 1,000 square meters in the factory. We can provide parts replacement services for users timely in order to avoid lengthy downtime and troubles it brought.

Spare Parts category
Technology promotion of HengLi equipment
Wearing parts and specifications pieces of HengLi equipment

Service commitment
All restructuring parts, ordering parts and spare parts deliver according to the contract deadline.
When the equipment cannot run because of some parts, we will deliver them after receive your confirmation order requirements in the shortest possible time to meet your needs.

Mode of transport
Express, Logistics Transportation in accordance with the actual situation of the user.

Upgrade and  remake equipments
We can remake the equipments and provide improvement solutions according to your requirements
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