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ZHS Upside Opening Cartoner
ZHS Upside Opening Cartoner

Quality ZHS Upside Opening Cartoner suppliers & exporter - all products made in China.

Technical Parameter
• Materials loaded from upside, suitable for small size materials cartoning.
• Automatically display speed, output and error if occurs.
• Self-diagnose and rejcet cartons missing products and instruction manuals.
• Stable in working and easy to operate.
• Need very few operations, saves labors.
• Control chip from USA and sensor element from Taiwan which are durable and stable in runing.

Applicable cartons (35-80)mm*(35-60)mm*(65-120)mm,250-350g/㎡
Applicable instruction manuals 50-65g/㎡,size before folding(80-300)mm*(70-210)mm, size after1-4times folding(70-210)mm*(20-40)mm
Capacity 10-45 cartons/min
Power supply 220V/50HZ
Power consumption 0.9KW
Pressed air supply 0.6Mpa
Size 3300*800*1800mm
Weight 1500kg
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