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TB-3B Multi-Function Labeler (Double Label)
TB-3B Multi-Function Labeler (Double Label)

Quality TB-3B Multi-Function Labeler (Double Label) suppliers & exporter - all products made in China.

Technical Parameter
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Applicable Material
The equipment is used for pasting label on the bottle. It has the heat code printer for printing manufacture date, lot number and expiry date in three lines. (Inkjet printer available as an option)
Label pre-feeding system makes the label feeding stable, stickup smoothly and label position precise.
Label-feeding adopt tensioning design to ensure that the coding quality, and can accurately control the length and uniformity of the label.
The label-rolling and label pressing adopt different structure by different bottles shape to ensure the quality of the labeling.
You can choose the advanced online systems that can monitor, wrong label, non-label, damaged label, lack of print information, and it can automatically reject these bottles.

Applicable Any round and square bottle
The label The height should be less than 110mm
Capacity 10--16meter/min
Power supply 220V/50Hz 0.5kw
Air supply 0.6Mpa,150l/min
Size 2400*600*900mm
Weight 350kg
Remark double side faces label
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