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MP-8 Effervescent Tablet Filling Machine
MP-8 Effervescent Tablet Filling Machine

Quality MP-8 Effervescent Tablet Filling Machine suppliers & exporter - all products made in China.

Technical Parameter
• Used to count the tablets and stack the tablet into one vertical column, then fill them in the bottle. With the bottle unscrambler, capping machine, labeling machine combined into automatic packaging line.
• Integrated tablet stacking and bottling system, multi-channels feeding, and eight or more bottles-filling at the same time..
• High speed and high accuracy, visual inspection system ensure the accuracy is up to 100%.
• No bottle, not count and fill. Self-diagnose errors and stop working to make alarm at errors.
• Using our own original high anti-dust sensor technology, the machine works accurately with good stability in heavy dust conditions.
• Feeding evenly with quiver, special patent filling part protects materials from harm.

Applicable for Round flat-shaped tablet, Effervescent tablet, Milk tablets
Applicable bottles Straight tube bottle
Capacity 80-160 bottles per minute(Capacity is subject to the model of the machine, the size of the bottle and tablet, as well as the quantity filled per bottle.)
Working range Customize make according to requirements
Power supply 220V/50Hz 1.2kw
Size 1600*1400*1700 mm
Weight 300 kg
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