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Integrated Tablets/Capsules/Pills Automatic Packing Line
Integrated Tablets/Capsules/Pills Automatic Packing Line

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Technical Parameter
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Applicable Material
This packing line is mainly used for bottle packing of tablets (including abnormal tablets), capsules, gels (including transparent gels and opaque gels) pills and similar solid granules.
This packing line can automatically unscramble bottle, count and fill, insert desiccant(paper or cotton),screw cap(press cap), induction seal, label and print
The equipments can monitor and automatically reject the fallen bottle, inverted bottle, and bottle with higher cap, bottle with skew cap, bottle with inverted cap and bottle with non-aluminum foil.
You can choose the advanced online systems that can monitor filling error, damaged desiccant pouch, wrong label, non-label, damaged label, lack of print information, and it can automatically reject these bottles.
The machine automatically makes alarm at errors and front of the machine will automatically stop.
Fully compliant to GMP regulations

Applicable for 00-5#capsules,soft gels φ5.5-22normal tablets, special shape tablets, coating tablets φ5.5-20pills and other solid granules
Working range Adjustable from 2-9999 per bottle
Capacity 30-120 bottle/min(Capacity is subject to the model of the machine, the size of the bottle and tablet, as well as the quantity filled per bottle.)
Operator 3 workers
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz 5Kw
Air supply 0.6Mpa,100-200l/min
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