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Fully Protective And Intelligent Integrated Bottle Packing Line
Fully Protective And Intelligent Integrated Bottle Packing Line

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Technical Parameter
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Applicable Material
• This packing line can automatically unscramble bottle, auto-feeding, count and fill, insert desiccant(paper or cotton),screw cap(press cap), induction seal, label and print.
• Fully protective cover designed to avoid cross-contamination and ensure operator safety.
• Applicable for tablets (including abnormal tablets), capsules, gels (including transparent gels and opaque gels) pills and similar solid granules.
• Proprietary technology: Anti-dust sensor
• Highly accurate counting.
• Sound and light alarm
• Detection options include : No bottle, fallen bottle, inverted bottle, damaged tablet, no material, damaged desiccant pouch, higher cap, skew cap, inverted cap ,non-aluminum foil ,no label, lack of print information.
• The machine automatically makes alarm at errors and front of the machine will automatically stop.
• All parameters may be set according to the product, and can store 10 groups parameters.
• Easy disassembling and cleaning.
• Fully compliant to GMP regulations.

Applicable for 00-5#capsules,soft gels φ5.5-22normal tablets, special shape tablets, coating tablets φ5.5-20pills and other solid granules
Working range Adjustable from 2-9999 per bottle
Capacity 30-120 bottle/min(Capacity is subject to the model of the machine, the size of the bottle and tablet, as well as the quantity filled per bottle.)
Operator 3 workers
Power supply AC220V,50Hz, 5Kw
Air supply 0.6Mpa,100-300l/min
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