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Nicety exported to Germany
Nicety exported to Germany
October 2016, the electronic counting machine from our company had been successfully exported to the Germany for our customer. As an experienced exporter, we had been dealing with lots of foreign customers. We communicate with our customers and grasp their requirements, such as capacity, function, equipment layout, factory facilities (power supply and air supply), characteristics of packaging material, import declaration documents and so on. After that we plan out and works, according to the customers requirements. In the production process, we strictly comply with the contract and EU CE standards and also maintain our production standard during the process of manufacturing and testing equipments. At the same time, according to the company's overseas customer service standards, we make an instruction video regarding technical instruction, installation, debugging and operation guidance. We also provide adequate spare parts to support after-sales service and maintenance. Customers are satisfied with the quality and service in FAT, and placed another order instantly.
When the equipment arrived to the factory in the Germany.  Our company dispatch a professional technician. The technician arranges the set up, installation and debugging of the machine. After that, our technician taught and trained the operations and maintenance procedures to the operators, laid the solid foundation for the customer normal production.
Germany is a powerful manufacturing country, so this corporation is also a learning process. Nicety Insist on: “ Heartly appreciation to all our customers for being our teacher, friend to the user, Think what the user wants, concerned for our user.”
We are dedicated to our work. We will continue to provide our each and every customers the superior quality of machines and excellent service system  constantly.
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