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  • Aug, 2004
    Hengli Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery (Nantong) Co., Ltd.
  • Dec, 2004
    The First Tablet/Capsule Counter developed and produce in mass
  • Mar, 2005
    The First Counting and Bottle Packing Line developed
  • Jun, 2006
    The First Counting and Bagging Machine developed
  • Feb, 2007
    Packing line exported to Canada, developed the international market
  • Jan, 2008
    Be the member of CIPE
  • Mar, 2010
    NICETY officially approved the State Trademark Bureau
  • Apr, 2010
    The First Counting and Cartoning Line developed
  • Jun, 2010
    Awarded the title of Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise
  • Jun, 2010
    Lancet counting bagging machine and lancet counting and cartoning line developed
  • Jul, 2010
    The Counting and Cartoning Line get CE certification
  • Aug, 2010
    Main drafter of Electronic granular counter National Standard
  • Aug, 2011
    Main drafter of General specification of automatic counting and packaging line National Standard
  • Sep, 2011
    Move into new plants, housing area is more than 8000 ㎡
  • Dec, 2011
    The Counting and Bottle Packing Line get CE certification
  • Jun, 2012
    Revise Electronic granulation counter industry standard and Rotary Cap Machine for drug-bottle industry standard, Drafter of Desiccant Inserter industry standard.
  • Dec, 2012
    High-speed multi-files and small dose counting and bagging machine had been identified as high-tech products in Jiangsu province
  • Jun, 2013
    The curry block counting and filling machine developed
  • Sep,2013
    The electronic counting machine which can fill several bottle at the same time was developed
  • Jun, 2014
    Desiccant inserters get Jiangsu province high-tech products identified
  • Jul,2014
    Shoot nail counting and boxing line developed
  • Aug,2014
    Electronic counting and stacking machine developed
  • Sep,2014
    The effervescent tablet and stacking machine technical forum held in Nantong Hengli
  • Oct,2014
    Buttons counting and bagging machine developed
  • Nov,2014
    Won the Jiangsu province private scientific and technological enterprises
  • Dec,2014
    Mini-pill electronic counting machine and small pill counting and filling line won the Jiangsu Province high-tech products
  • Dec,2014
    Automatic small pills filling line has certified by equipment manufacturing industry of Jiangsu Province
  • Jan,2015
    Peppermint counting and filling line exported to Bangladesh
  • Feb,2015
    Automatic small pills filling line has certified by the experts of Jiangsu machinery industry
  • May,2015
    Areca counting and bagging machine, areca marinade machine developed
  • Sep,2015
    Cookies counting and bagging machine exported to Malaysia
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