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Automatic and intelligent food packing line
Automatic and intelligent food packing line
Recently, there are two sets “flavoring squares” electronic counting filling machine of our company smoothly through the acceptance by Henan lotus gourmet powder Co., Ltd. This is the fourth purchase from us.
The electronic counting feeding machinea will connect with the bagging machine of Henan lotus gourmet powder Co., Ltd.

They are used to bag the “Jiu Pin Xiang gourmet powder”.

Jiu Pin Xiang gourmet powder is about 15mm square box, paper packaging. The earlier packing method is bagging by hand,
which required a lot of labor. More important is prone to increase packaging pollution. Over the years, they have been
looking for some machines to replace the manpower. In 2012,commissioned by their company, our company developed
the electronic counting filling machine,whicn was according to the materials’ characteristics and packaging requirements.
It only cost us  less than half a year. After a period of operation, we obtained the user's praise.
Previously, we have provided six sets of electronic counting filling machine into the automatic production, and improved
productivity, saved labor. The machines solved the management problems, at the same time, achieved the dream of batch
production and intelligent factory .

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